• So, you are engaged and have a vision for your perfect wedding on the beach but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you been researching online and there is just too much to get through with everything else you have going on?
  • Do you find yourself stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a resort, guest’s reservations, and nit-picky details?
  • Are you looking for a personable and knowledgeable expert who can find the absolute best location for you and your guests — a place that’s romantic, intimate, gorgeous, and budget-savvy?
  • Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personally customized destination wedding is being handled by someone who is dedicated to creating stunning travel experiences?

Here’s the deal

I know how crazy weddings can be and I’m happy to take that stress away from you. My background is in Caribbean or Mexico travel for honeymooners and couples, families and group trips, so you are in good hands!

And I get that you’re busy with work and life and might not be super sure about where to go or how to get the best deals or how to plan for everything that might come up. But one thing you do know for sure: you don’t want to leave this event up to chance.

I will take the confusion, multitude of minute details, and hours of searching off your plate and use my knowledge of the locations, vendors, and experiences to create that wonderful memory that you will cherish forever. I will remove the hassles, time, and stress of planning it all yourself.

Whether you are planning to elope or bring 200 of your closest family and friends, it is my job to understand you and your desires, and then combine my extensive knowledge of the available destinations in order to make this dream event a reality.

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Here’s how it works


You fill out our Destination Wedding Consultation form and use our calendar to pick a time that’s convenient for our zoom meeting.

During our 45-minute chat, I’ll uncover your biggest struggles and your group dynamic.


During consultation I’ll determine if working together is right fit for all of us. If I know I can help you plan your dream day, I’ll guide you through the next steps in working with me.


I’ll show you how to leverage our buying power so you can save more money, reduce stress and get money back from the resorts for planning your wedding with me.


I begin my research and connect you with several tour operators to design your destination wedding plan.

I will present you with 3-5 resort packages for you to review. When you pick your ideal location, I will start reserving the components of your travel.

  • Guidance on wedding terms, the destination, ceremony, timeline, and event planning so that everything makes perfect sense.
  • After I understand your vision, I will offer several vendors suited to your guest count and budget.
  • I will advise you on where to splurge and where to save.
  • Manage the booking and negotiation of the hotel rooms for you, your family, and friends.
  • I’ll be your USA contact who communicates with all of your vendors on your behalf.
  • They say it is lucky to rain on your special day, and it rained on mine, but I plan for that too.
  • I work closely with you and will communicate directly with the onsite wedding coordinator to keep your vision alive.
  • You’ll have complete peace-of-mind knowing we handle the financial Part with hotels.
  • I’ll be your detail-oriented Travel Expert who cares deeply about making your special day perfect!

When you choose to work with me to plan your perfect destination wedding, you get so much more than a traditional, expert, wedding TravelPlanner... As you will see, I have a great deal of passion for travel and will do anything and everything possible to ensure that you have the best travel experience possible. Here is what you can expect when we work together


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